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Lisa Muise,
Owner, Head Coach & Master Programmer
CrossFit Lunacy
L1 & L2 Certified CrossFit Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Specialty Certification

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"When you walk through the doors of CFL, it feels like you’ve always been here. That has been my goal since day one.

You can workout anywhere, but being where ‘your people’ are is what keeps you coming back.

We have the ultimate group of super strong, hard-working, chalk- throwing, song-singing athletes. We lift, we laugh, and we love!

Literally could not have envisioned a more solid community!"



Who we are...

An easy way to think of it... the basic movements of life! It builds on the movements you do every day- when you lift and carry groceries, play with your children or pets, reach for something high in a cabinet-you are balancing, lifting, squatting, jumping and running.  These are the things we all did as kids! 

At CrossFit Lunacy, we use these  movements and create constantly changing workouts to get our bodies moving (like they used when we were younger) and to build strength at the same time.

The beauty of a CrossFit workout is that it is constantly changing-you'll work on both your strengths and weaknesses simultaneously, improving each week, getting stronger, faster, and healthier.   What makes CrossFit so effective is that you learn to build back these skills in a safe and adaptable way-under the supervision of a certified trainer who will tailor the workout to your specific needs and abilities. 

If you're not feeling confident at running or jumping,  maybe because you don’t really like doing those things or you have some physical challenges like sore knees.  No worries! We have hundreds of modifications to work you up slowly to where you'd like to be. For example, you can walk the run part of a workout and step to a box instead of jumping. 

What is Crossfit? 

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The most important next step is simply being willing to TRY! We know once you start, it will be come a lifestyle, which will lead to you living your BEST life. For your family, for your friends, and most importantly-for YOU! Contact us today to schedule your first class! 

Lastly, did you know CrossFit can help everyone in more ways than just physically? Not only are you improving your physical health, but most CrossFitters will tell you that their mental health has greatly improved as a result of training and also being a part of a supportive community. 

Crossfit is for everyone! Our athletes improve on foundational movements that come in handy in everyday life. Getting into a routine of daily movement helps you to feel better overall-not just physically, but mentally too!

When your physical health improves, your mental health improves. CrossFit not only gets our adrenaline pumping in our bodies, but it also gives us a great feeling mentally that lasts long after the workout is done. Thank you "feel good" hormones-Endorphins, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and Dopamine (just to name a few!). 

Are you feeling Stressed? Bored? Depressed? Sad? Anxious? Have trouble sleeping?! CrossFit workout can help make those feelings less intense. When you move your body, you gain tremendous relief from the toll of everyday life. 

When you pick up your laundry basket or your groceries you are deadlifting. When you throw your child up over head you are pressing. Bending, extending, lifting and stretching, are all part of everyday living. Let us teach you how to move properly and get strong for your day-to-day movement. 

If you are bored with your current plan, or have been thinking about getting fit, you have come to the right place!!

Is CrossFit for me? 

How do i get Started? 

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Just reach out!! There is no level that you need to be to get started. The magic is in the movements, & everything is scalable to your ability.

If it's your first time trying CrossFit, we will get you started with three sessions of one-on-one Foundations Classes so you feel confident on all of the movements and ready to join our group classes! 

Excellent place to work out! The owner and the athletes are extremely welcoming and make you feel so comfortable from the moment you walk in.

Lisa has done an incredible job thinking of every detail. The facility is impeccably clean and there is plenty of room and equipment for everyone to get a fun, challenging workout in! Great little community of nice people here that is growing. For every level and ability! Come check it out!!




"Great atmosphere, great coaches and workouts, even better people!!!! Cannot recommend this gym enough!"




Great community. Excellent programming.




What a great gym! For years I was intimidated by CrossFit. However, Lisa and her team of coaches welcome everyone the same, regardless of size, shape, age or physical ability.

 Everything can be modified and you are never made to feel like you aren’t strong enough, fast enough or fit enough. The entire community is welcoming and supportive on your fitness journey! The gym is also extremely clean, in a brand new facility with all new equipment. You can feel the good energy right when you walk in the door! In 18 months I have completely transformed and feel stronger and fitter than ever! It’s a gym to check out for sure!




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